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¡Hola, mucho gusto! Where to start?! I am a keen newcomer to teaching! I have an undergraduate degree from the United Kingdom in Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation, and recently obtained my Master's of Art in Teaching (World Languages K-12) from National Louis University in Chicago. My first career was in business - international marketing - which enabled me to live and work in several amazing cities in Latin America, including Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro. Why did I come to teaching as a second career? I want to share with as many young people as possible the message and experience of how becoming bi- or multi- lingual and cultural can dramatically change one's life for the better, and that of our planet. My goals for Thorp students are essentially two-fold, i.e. That they: 1) Become World Citizens, on their own personal journey towards exciting potential international opportunities to travel, work and create new friendships; 2) Are optimally equipped to become full and active participants in local and national Spanish-speaking communities. I could never have dreamed, as I was growing up in a regular London suburb, that my own personal path would bring me today to the US and Thorp Academy. Growing up in England, no one in my family spoke a second language. It was a perceptive and forward-thinking French elementary teacher who set me on that path: Today I speak fluent Spanish, French and Portuguese. Having raised bilingually three children of my own, I have experience of nurturing early world language development from birth, using such strategies as TPR and TPTST, as well as guiding high school students towards certifications such as the Illinois Seal of Biliteracy. Colleagues, parents and caregivers: If you have exciting stories to share about how learning another language and culture has changed your life, please reach out and become part of Thorp's World Languages Community. I look forward to getting to know you all better!