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2-Karen Amigon- 105

Hello everyone, my name is Ms. Amigon. I am excited to continue to substitute teach 2nd grade at O.A. Thorp this year. I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a minor  in Mathematics and Science Concepts for Middle School Teaching at Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois, back in 2013. I enjoy teaching because I love whenever students have that special “Ah-ha!” moment after they have learned something new or a concept suddenly makes more sense to them. My favorite part of teaching is when students and the teacher build a supportive and encouraging learning community within the classroom. My goal is for students to be able to work to their fullest potential and embrace the love for learning across all subject areas.


My Favorites:

  • Animal – Penguins
  • Color – Blue
  • Subject –Math
  • Season – Winter


My Hobbies: 

  • Attending concerts, musicals, and plays 
  • Exploring restaurants
  • Nature walks/hiking
  • Traveling
  • Running 
  • Reading (Did you know I love "Harry Potter" books?)
  • Soccer and Basketball



Email: [email protected]

Google Meet Code: Thorp105